Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Treforgan Farm and Llangoedmor

Though my journey to Wales was an adventure, since arriving here it could not have been more wonderful. I am staying at a beautiful holiday retreat called Treforgan Farm, nestled in the countryside just outside of Cardigan. It really is a farm as well as a place for a nice get away.

Jane and Jeff Hayward are the wonderful people who own and run the place. Here's Jane on her way to take the ducks to the pond. 

There are all kinds of animals here. Three dogs, ten cats, ducks, chickens, and cows.  That's Lucy on the left. She’s a friendly girl and likes to greet everyone who arrives during the day. And here’s Buttercup. She had a bit of a cold on this day and so stayed in the barn when the other cows were in the field.

Aside from all the animals, the Haywards also own the holiday cottages and campsites. I’m staying in the Little Box Cottage. (See pics in my earlier post). But they also have a bigger cottage that sleeps five and they are doing enough business to redo one of the barns into another holiday cottage.

Here’s Jeff cleaning working on the new place. They have been busy building and painting and getting it ready for the upcoming spring and summer holiday season. And there's Nigel the nice man from the pub who drew a map for me. He's the electrician. That's how he knew how to get to the farm.

Treforgan Farm is considered part of the village of Llangoedmor. I discovered that llan means church, and there is a church here, complete with graveyard. The oldest grave I found was from 1798. 

Here are some of the residents I spotted on my walk around.


I couldn't have picked a more lovely place to spend two weeks. My thanks to Jane and Jeff for their warm and welcoming hospitality. To see more pics of the farm check out Part 2

Next Time: North Wales


  1. I love the pics of the horses! Very cool trip, sounds like lots of fun

  2. What a lovely place you visited. :)

  3. That church is lovely. I really loved the writing on the ground.

  4. Oh, what a dream come true. I'd love to have a place like this one day. Those bed & breakfast type homes seem to be very prevalent in the UK. What a wonderful way to spend time there in an authentic home with local people.

    Looks like you had quite an adventure!