Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rose City Romance Writers 2009 Reader's Luncheon

Last Saturday, the Rose City Romance Writers, the Portland Oregon chapter of Romance Writers of America, held their annual Reader’s Luncheon. Each year we donate the profits from the event to a worthy organization that promotes adult literacy. This year we chose The Portland Literacy Council.

Our guest speaker was best-selling author, Lucy Monroe. Since 2003 she has published over 40 books with Harlequin Presents, Berkley , Kensington Brava and Samhain Press  among others. She shared with us a moving speech on how Romance is Educational Inspirational and Entertaining. In a year when our industry is shrinking, our genre is not just strong, it’s growing. 

And not just more women are reading romance, but more men as well. Nearly 22% of male readers, now admit to reading romance. (I think they always did, but are more willing to admit it these days.)  


In a time when everything is taking a downturn, Lucy reminded us that we don’t just entertain, we give hope. More people are turning to the Romance genre to get the feeling of hope that there can be a happy ending. That’s enough reason for me to keep writing, and I’m sure for my talented fellow Rose City Roses as well.

The Portland Literacy Council helps many of the 12,000 adults in the Portland area who can’t read, by finding and supporting tutors willing to help them learn to read. The Council also has a program that helps prepare newly literate adults to take the GED and a scholarship program to help pay the testing fees if that person is unable. Lucy Monroe graciously agreed to make a considerable donation to the Portland Literacy Council Scholarship fund. Thank you, Lucy, for stepping forward to lead the way in tough times.

I attended this luncheon last year and had a wonderful time, but this was my first year as an actual published author. I was so excited. That's me grinning from ear to ear, sitting next to smash hit debut author Delilah Marvelle. Even though I didn’t yet have a book, I signed my promotional materials and I made a special limited edition $15 Visa gift card with the cover of Widow’s Peak on it. I only made 50 and each comes with an autographed special edition greeting card. For each one purchased I am donating $5.00 to the Portland Literacy Council. If you would like to purchase one of these special keepsakes, please contact me at

This week’s prize is a bit special so the contest involves a little bit of research. Name two heroes and their heroines from any of Lucy’s “Agents", "Mercenaries", or "Bad Boys” series.


You can find a list of her extensive catalog on her website at Leave a comment on this post with any two sets of hero and heroine and I will enter your name in this week’s contest to win this beautiful Jeweled Dragonfly Filigree Trinket Box that I got while I was in Wales. Contest ends at 11:59pm on Tuesday, April 28th.


Make sure that I can contact you either through your profile or by leaving an e-mail address. The winner will be announced next Wednesday.



  1. Hanna,nice post. I too attended the luncheon, it was my first time and I truly was inspired by Lucy's speech.

    Elle Gray & Beau Ruston
    Mykola Chernichenko & Lana Ericson

  2. Please don't quit writing Romance, any of ya'll. The luncheon looked like a good success. I hope you bought two of those dragonfly boxes, because if it was me I could not give it away:)

    Judy (

  3. Literacy is such an important cause. Great work doing what you can to support it. All couples from 3 Brides for 3 Bad Boys: Rand Alexander & Phoebe Garrison, Colton Denning & Fayre, and Carter & Daisy Jackson.

  4. Okay I had to go with the Mercenary books (I love those)

    Ready: Lise Barton & Joshua Watt
    Willing: Josie McCall & Daniel Black Eagle
    And Able: Claire Sharp & Brett Adams.

    this was such a great trilogy. :-)

    Larena (

  5. Rand Phoebe
    Carter Daisy
    Colton Fayre

    I of course had to pick the bad boys!!

  6. I loved Ready Willing & Able. Great books
    Josie McCall & Daniel Black Eagle
    Claire Sharp & Brett Adams
    Robin (

  7. Elle Gray - Beau Ruston from The Spy Who Wants Me.
    Beth Whitney - Ethan Crane from Satisfaction Guaranteed

  8. I love Lucy's stories.

    Two sets of her heroes/heroines are:

    Joshua Watt and Lise Barton
    Daniel Black Eagle and Josie McCall