Monday, April 13, 2009

I've found it!

Here's this years addition to my spring egg collection. You can win one just like it by leaving a comment on one of the Egg related posts.

Since it took so long to find this beauty, I'm extending the contest deadline to 11:59pm on Friday, April 17th.

Plus check out the new contest starting on April 15th. In honor of my first month of blogging, I am running contests each week in April. Check back to see what I'm rambling about and maybe win a cool prize too.



  1. Hanna,
    I'm diggin' the egg posts. I'm a fan of glass eggs and glass flowers. They add a little class to any room. :)

    The blog :) And the cover of Widow's Peak is HOT! Really dresses up the joint.


  2. This one is very beautiful!!!

  3. Glad you found it, it looks beautiful.

  4. What a fascinating post. I have a small collecion of eggs myself (much smaller than yours though) including a couple of tiny 'dragon' eggs which really do look as if they might hatch into little miniature dragons.

    What a lovely lady your grandmother must have been, and what a sweet story about the baby robins.

  5. Very interesting posts, Hanna. And I agree with Kimberly -- your cover is fantastic!


  6. That's a beautiful egg, Hanna. And I'm with everyone else-- I love your cover! Good luck in the e-pub world and in the blogging world as well.


  7. Gorgeous. (And your cover is, too!) Good luck with your blogging adventure.