Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Another Year Gone By. How Quickly They Fly.

Well, I have nearly made it through another year. And what a year it has been!

I sold a trilogy. How great does that feel? Dancing on the sidewalk great. Spinning in circles great. Doing cartwheels great (Okay so I didn’t do a cartwheel. Never could. LOL.) I went through rewrites with a fabulous editor, Amanda Barnette, at The Wild Rose Press. Thanks to her, I have a wonderful book, Widow’s Peak, coming out on September 23rd.

 I met a lot of great people. New colleagues. New friends. New family.

I have attended a conference or two, bonding with other authors from around the world. I have joined new groups around Portland, adding friends that I see regularly and I have renewed and redefined old friendships as well. I have added new people to my circle. People who are more like family than friends.

I took a trip to Wales! I couldn’t have been happier than when I was driving around lost in the Welsh countryside. The Welsh were all so friendly, helping an American find her way though rolling hills and ancient forests. 

I saw dozens of castles, including Cilgerran Castle, the setting for book two of my trilogy, Kissed By A Rose. I drove around all day and blogged at night. 

Now, I am honing my writing skills, finishing up Kissed By A Rose, and starting to think about book three, Until the End of Time.

In promoting Widow’s Peak, I have met all of you readers and writers, fans of Romance. You encourage me to keep writing and I promise to give you the best book possible.

On Friday, I will begin another year. I hope it will be as exciting as this year has been.

Tell me about the highlight of your year and I’ll enter you in my birthday contest to win this gorgeous pewter and green onyx Celtic Knotwork Necklace.



  1. The highlight of my year has to be with buying our own place, having all that we needed to fix to make it liviable completed, and fully moved in. No more having to live with old friends and family until it was complete.

    There's nothing quite like having your own place, no other than your children and hubs underfeet or causing mischief and mayhem.

  2. The highlight of my year so far has been finding some new authors. My job is not going well so I am enjoying some authors I haVe found.

  3. The highlight of my year was writing the first full-length piece from scratch since my daughter was born. That doesn't seem like a milestone. But I couldn't concentrate for 3 years with all the screaming. I wish I could say I visited Wales. :( *sigh* But I've only been to Walt Disney World. Now, I did walk off half a size there! Maybe that's the highlight of my year given I've been on an elliptical since Santa delivered my present early... I wish I could report more, Hannah!

  4. The highlight of my year has been watching my TBR pile grow. I love knowing there is another book to be read and treasured. Connecting with new authors or just authors that I have never read has been wonderful. Have a great day.

  5. Happiest of Birthdays today, Hannah! I like to stop by people's blogs whenever I see the link in a signature block and I'm so glad I came to visit yours. Beautiful pictures of Wales (Half of my family is Welsh, in amongst the Irish, Scottish, and German ancestory). And always happy to meet another Wiccan (I'm a Green Witch with some eclectic bits thrown in)! Enjoy your year's successes and may your new year be all that you wish it to be.

    Blessed be!

  6. I hope you had a wonderful birthday and kuddos to you on the successful year! I don't think I've accomplished near as much as you did this past year. It had been a bit of a tough one. I did receive a promotion at work that I was extremely grateful for.

  7. I can't decide. I finaled in the Golden Heart, signed a contract with Cerridwen, and just today won a scholarship to go to Nationals in DC. It has been a charmed year.


  8. Hi Hannah! Happy Birthday and many more. This year has been the latest in a string of difficult, challenging, but growth-inspiring years. The high point may just be that I have gotten strong enough, and fed up enough, to really push my ex for a divorce. The (Tarot) cards give me that message, and my spirit, my heart and power have never been stronger. I only set out on a pagan path after my husband left me, and that has only been good, for the people I've met, the things I've learned, and the things I've learned from the people I've met!

    Bright Blessings,


  9. Without a doubt, the birth of my second daughter. She was a total surprise and has been an absolute delight! Her name is Julie Claire and she's a little blond angel.

    Congrats on your wonderful year and Happy Birthday!

  10. It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday, Hannah. I add my good wishes for a Happy New Year (birth wise) to everyone elses!!

    The high point of my year has to be the pending birth of my first great-grandchild. Bear in mind that I'm a very young great-grandma, or Nana as Caryn wants her new son to call me. ;D

    Out of 7 grandchildren, Caryn is the only girl, so this is a special event for us. A funny side note: Nick, a fabulous grandson-in-law, is of Greek heritage, and my family is a hodgepodge of nationalities - Irish, English, German & Caryn is half Mexican. Knowing the answer already, I asked Nick what nationality the baby would be. He said, "Greek."

    The baby's name? Dimitry Nico Kokkinos